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CYDAS.com offers HR and talent management platform to empower all employees. Not only for HR. It has two interfaces to provide distinct functions for HR and/or management and for other employees. This will allow engaging and empowering employees, leading to maximizing potential of them and your organization.

HR database and visualization applicationProfile Manager

Collect, manage, search and view all HR data, allowing HR to effectively manage and understand employees in their organization.

HR analytics and planning support applicationPerformance Cloud

Find talents and nurture them. Look for opportunities to improve their skills and competencies. See if they fit with team and
the position.

Performance management applicationMBO Cloud

Cascade company and department goals and objectives to personal objectives. Ensure the results by good communication and review cycle.

Enterprise social communication applicationStream

Bring all your communication, HR data and analytics together in one place.

Skill and Competency
Visualization applicationLogbook

View your level of skills and competencies to effectively manage improvement plan and training.

Succession planning and management applicationSuccession Plan

Control and manage posts, talent pool, and their careers.
See how it will look by future organization simulation.


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