Why CYDAS.com ?

  • Reason 1

    Innovative HR Support Application
    That Maximizes Employee Potential

    Our HR system is based on a new concept of talent management that optimally allocates and trains staff according to their individual strengths and talents as opposed to conventional HR management where personnel are hired for specific departments and positions.

  • Reason 2

    HR Platform for All-Employee Participation

    CYDAS.com replaces top-down style human resource management with a platform in which all employees participate. Encouraging the participation of all employees is good for the company, and also helps build a positive work environment.

  • Reason 3

    Speedy Introduction and
    Proven Security Track Record

    When you introduce our system, dedicated CYDAS operators speedily complete HR data input. We have a track record of putting human resource data systems into operation in two months for companies with up to 8,000 employees. Furthermore, we have introduced an operator and system based human resource data double-check system which boasts a high level of reliability. In addition, you can be rest assured that our security measures have been acclaimed by large corporations and systems firms with the most demanding security level requirements.

  • Reason 4

    The Cost-Effectiveness and Convenience of a Cloud-Based System

    • Cloud-based systems dramatically reduces initial investment and running costs.

    • Systems can be introduced for individual departments, such as sales and support.

    • A Pay-as-you-go charging method based on employee numbers.

    • Version updates can be implemented easily even while the system is in operation.

  • Reason 5

    Innovative Interface

    Many talent management systems and human resource management systems only go as far as tabulating the human resource data. The CYDAS.com interface has intuitive operation features that enable effective utilization of the compiled data.

  • Reason 6

    Free Trial

    The system can be used for a free 10-day trial period using actual data. Any areas of concern can be checked during the free trial, which will give you great peace of mind when introducing the system.